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Board Search

Recruiting the exact right person for a role takes on fundamental importance when that person will be responsible for leading the entire organization. Thankfully, Taza Jpbs is a recognized leader in board and CEO recruitment.

Our proven CEO and board search process has successfully driven leadership recruitment for public corporations, private companies, and not-for-profit organizations across all major fields and industries. In fact, through half a century of proven CEO and board recruitment experience, we’ve honed an effective, transparent approach that help clients pinpoint the exact leadership required to take an organization to the next level of achievement.


Executive Recruitment

If you are looking for key executive search consultants who will be playing a pivotal role in the performance of your organization, the search might be a challenging one. Your in-house team might have the capabilities of understanding the requirements but might lack the exposure to several industries for selection. It is precisely for this reason that top executive search firms will serve multiple benefits to your organizations.



Thank you for expressing interest in Taza Jobs. Tell us about your RPO outsourcing requirements, and our team will contact you within 24 hours. We respect your privacy, and will keep your data completely confidential.

We at Taza Jobs are sensitive to customer concerns and ensure absolute confidentiality and privacy of any information that is given to us. Customers can specify their preferred method of contact with us and we will not disclose their identity without expressed or written consent from them.


IT Staffing

Taza Jobs has been delivering driven IT staffing services to its clients. We combine our expertise and knowledge to build agile and future-proof IT Staffing solutions. Our strategies and result-oriented services have gained us a reputation of a leading IT staffing companies in India . IT Staffing: Taza Jobs aims to serve as a reliable medium to its clients that want valuable talent in the most cost-effective way. Besides, our clients get an opportunity to tap into our wide network of contacts, cultivated throughout the years of hard work. In addition, we also craft permanent staffing solutions for businesses that require a long-term resource. Therefore, having us help with the recruitment will not just save you money but efforts too.



We offer this as a complete solution that can be outsourced to us across all levels. *For large employee population, we run an employee help desk and handle everything from writing resumes, to career counseling and coaching and pro-actively marketing identified employees to prospective organizations. *We execute assignments with utmost integrity and confidentiality, that an assignment of this nature demands.


Market Intelligence

Marketing Intelligence Cell acquires and analyses information for both the existing and potential customers, to understand the market, determine current and future needs and preferences, attitudes and behaviour of market; and to assess changes in business environment that may affect the size and nature of the market.