banking and insurance

Banking & Insurance

Banking is defined as the business of dealing in money while insurance is the protection against possible loss. Actuary sciences, auditing, financial counselling, claims examination and policy processing are some fields that come under this.

Banking is one of the most popular professions of choice amongst students. Though it is a common perception that only commerce students apply for banking jobs, it has been seen that banking officers are from various streams of education including Arts, Science and others. Since the advent of online banking, computer science graduates also can opt for banking jobs.

Insurance is a financial contract that binds individuals to responsibilities commonly known as a policy. The person who acquires insurance coverage is called the policy holder or insured and the person who sells the policy is the insurer.

There are specialised banking and finance related courses which are offered by various universities across the world. Students who do enrol for banking and insurance courses are trained on basic concepts of banking and insurance including Principles of Management, Micro Economics, Financial Accounting, and Business laws amongst others.

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