Under our outplacement services we assist our client in strategizing and transiting the lay off employees to new opportunities. Our approach is not merely to provide back-up jobs to the lay-off participants; rather, we tend to assist in career transition. Our career transition serves includes skill set assessment, resume building, counseling sessions and other job orientation activities for them.

To help you better navigate the world of outplacement assistance, we’ve made this easy-to-follow list that goes over why outplacement is important and what you should look for when shopping around.

The reason why your company should use a provider for this service is because layoffs are one of the most stressful things HR has to deal with and also one of the most trying times for a company’s reputation.

Protecting your reputation during a layoff is of utmost importance, putting a lot of weight on how your outgoing employees are treated. We recommend planning this entire process from start to finish. The first step is making sure you have a layoff script on hand to ensure the notification meeting goes on without a hitch.

Near the end of the notification meeting you will go over the employee’s severance package. This is where outplacement comes in.

This is problematic. Technology has drastically changed the HR landscape over the past decade, making office visits obsolete.

we use an online platform coupled with one-on-one coaching to ensure that we can provide outplacement to anyone anywhere in the US, which is a big difference because some people live in rural towns that may not have access to large metropolitan areas where typical outplacement firms operate.

By using virtual methods, you can also be sure that the firm providing outplacement assistance is tech-savvy. In today’s world, job hunting is online. Most jobs are posted on LinkedIn, job boards or announced on company websites, if a firm can’t figure out how to harness the power of the internet to providing coaching, why trust them to harness it for the job search?

So, in summary, technology plays a big role in the outplacement process and should be a deciding factor for anyone shopping around for it.